Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello everyone!

Today we had a busy day in New Orleans. We learned how to put texture on the walls in a house (which was cool) and we put another cote of prime on some of the walls in this house. Latter in the day, some of us went to Mrs. Bell's Garden and helped her lift up a huge trellis that had been knocked down by the storm. It had been down for 8 months, so she was very happy that it was back up. To thank us, she made us each a bouquet of flowers from her garden :)
They were really pretty and smelled wonderful! Afterwards people went across the street and picked up a trashed parking lot, planted 2 trees, and weeded pastor Lance's front yard. I can't wait until tomorrow to work again & Wendy's barbecuing!! YUMMY!!!!

Scott White has the best bed sheets ever; green & white stripes with pink flamingos (sorry ladies he's taken) but Teng is on the market & has pirate pajama pants (RRrrrrr Matey).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the wonderful work down there! Just a quick hello. It's quiet (and cold) up here on campus. Please give my regards to Ana P. We had a good class Wednesday night and will fill her in when she gets back... -Andreas Schramm