Thursday, March 26, 2009

beginning of the challenge

The past two days have been the longest and most exhausted days of the whole trip. We did the homeless challenge from the National Coalition for the Homeless - we had to disguise ourselves as homeless people and spend 24 hours on the street. It was hard staying on the street all day, having no money and nowhere to go. We tried to do panhandling from random people from the road. However, the non profit organizations in DC are doing a good job providing food and assistance to the homeless people. There are a lot of shelters where people come to eat. In the evening, there's a soup truck that comes by the park to provide food for people. We learned that if people go hungry in DC then it's their fault because there are a great deal of resources for homeless people. We have been volunteering in a lot of shelters where we see a lot of people come, and eat free food.
After one night of sleeping on the street, we came to talk to MN senator, Amy Klobuchar, and our representatives Betty McCollum and Tim Walt about homelessness issues.
P/S: There are a lot of great stories about our challenge that we are willing to share but we are so tired and sleepy now, so this is the end of the blog for today!
This is from Quynh...the only person up to explain to Sharon why all the lights just went off.

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