Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DC Night

Moments from today: we sat in the Senate gallery listening to three Senators talk about the importance of the Kennedy Hatch Serve America Act, how volunteering, AmeriCorps, Peace Corp is about our community, our values, and our future. Listening to the Senator, a woman's voice, say, "Walk The Talk", among students who are exercising heart, mind, and spirit about homelessness, poverty, and civic skills made me cry. Reading the post from New Orleans about why we serve made me cry. Talking in DC about how the genocide of indigenous people is represented in the artwork in the Rotunda, why the myth of America is carved in stone, why people are missing from the center of our political life, what we might do about the lie, the lies told over and over again, made me cry. Trying to sleep in a shelter when people are loudly uncomfortable down on the street, out on the street, makes me jittery. How we are trying, in New Orleans, in DC, in Chicago, up in White Earth, on the bus to Atlanta, building a Habitat house in Florida, to hone our values and live them, makes me proud.

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