Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chicago people

Today was our last day volunteering at the Little Black Pearl Workshop, and it left all of us a little sad. we spent our time there finishing projects that we had started and hanging out with the awesome kids. We were really sad that it was our last day, but Heidi and Monica let us know that we could come back any time we wanted; we are definitely coming back for Pearl Fest! After finishing our time there we went to the play, Mongolia, at the Goodman Theater. It was an excellent play that focused on diversity and family, which tied into a lot of what we've been talking about the whole week. Unfortunately, there were some very rude people in the theater that didn't turn off their cell phones, which went off at some crucial points during the play.... After the play we walked back to the hostile (to find some very cute french boys checking in) and had our discussion about what we had seen and experienced. We all agreed that while diversity is still a huge issue, we (our country) has come a long way from where we once were. All in all, i really enjoyed the day and can't wait to do more tomorrow!

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Hello and congratulations on your experiences this week in Chicago, New Orleans, DC and around the globe. As I've read your entries today, it brings a smile and tugs my heart to see our values at Hamline being experienced by all of you in such amazing ways. Thank you for choosing this activity of service and experiential learning over your spring break--you certainly have other choices and the fact that you selected to give of your precious spring time break is a tribute to your character and personal interest in making a difference.
Send me some pix when you have time and I look forward to seeing all of you back safe and sound next week.
President Linda Hanson