Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Day in New Orleans

Today we went we to a Swamp Tour bright and early. We went to the same place the Wild Boys went and filmed. There were pictures of Steve-o with our tour guide. Our tour guide showed us over 10 alligators, one was HUGE!!!! We have pictures!! He also brought out a little one they we could all hold... I was too chicken, but almost everyone else did. After the Sweet swamp tour we went to a parade that went right past Peoples, where we are staying. It was really interesting to see the costumes they were wearing, like Native American Head Dress... After the Parade we went to the Lower 9th ward, and it was very emotional. Going there made everything more real. We saw toys of kids, churches, schools and much more. We met a family that lived there and the woman said she use to live down the block and that her house was lifted up and was found on top of her car. There was also a group from New Jersey there talking with them. She meets people like us on a daily basis. Being in the lower 9th ward was probably the most interesting thing we did all day. After we visited the lower 9th we went ate and walked down to the French Quarter.. We ate dessert, veignts, they were like funnel cakes, but so much better!!! We also went around to all the shops and it was really interesting to see the people. We rode the trolley back to our homestead and everyone is beat from a long day in the sun. We have a meeting at 8:30 tomorrow to find out where we will be working this week. Thats all for now!!!

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