Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday in Chicago (Aka we see all these works of art with wonderful titles and I can't think of anything more original than "Thursday in Chicago").

Thoughts on Thursday, April 1, 2010
Location: Stairwell, Hostel, Chicago, USA, the World, Milky Way Galaxy
Mood: Exhausted and contemplative (pretty much a buzz word of the group; we always claim to be processing everything we have just seen and are therefore sometimes a little quiet when it comes to discussion time.)
Today the Chicago group visited two art museums, attended two theatrical performances, helped to tidy up a theatre, and both ate at and rode on a subway. We are all pretty tired, and that definitely showed in reflection time tonight when a few of us found one of Amelia’s jokes so funny that we laughed until there were tears.
We started the morning by going to a Vietnam Veterans Museum. I personally thought that the pieces were very moving but a lot to digest in a short amount of time.
Then we headed to Free Street Theatre where the majority of us worked to help tidy up the place in preparation for opening night on Saturday. We also got to have the experience of sitting in on a rehearsal of the show, Abe’s in a Bad Way. It was so cool to see the students performing their own material and I am really impressed with what they have come up with.
We then hopped on a subway, got off the subway, ate at Subway and went to the hostel to change into our nicer evening attire.
When we got to the Chicago Institute of Art I was shocked by the sheer number of people there-the place was packed. We bashed around there for a while then headed to a play called Beautiful City. The deeper meaning behind the play was basically lost on us, the playwright was a little all over the place in message and we were all just so tired at that point in the day.
We then went to the hostel and discussed the day and here I am now writing about it.
If it were not so late/early I may have been more analytical about what we experienced, but right now I just want to go to bed. I’m gonna leave you with some random thoughts and then go get ready to face tomorrow.
1. Green apples are amazing
2. The people at Free Street kept thanking us for the work we did, and that was very cool to see the little tidying up had an impact
3. The people at the theatre where Beautiful City was being put on were also really thrilled to see us, and that was cool
4. I forgot to mention we finally stopped at a dunkin donuts/baskin robbins
5. If any of my sentence structure doesn’t make sense, please chalk it up to the hour and no my lack of ability to write coherently. Thanks.
6. This trip has pretty much been amazing and the people we are coming in contact each day are so inspiring
7. I think we are all sad that tomorrow is our last real day of the trip, but I’m sure it will be an awesome one
8. The End.
Kate Buechler.

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