Saturday, April 3, 2010

Art group tour, free street, house of blues...oh my!

So today is our last and final, full day in Chicago- the beautiful, windy city. Sad...I know. I don't think anyone wants to really go back to school and leave this amazing city and community. Because, I know I sure don't.

What we did do today, was wonderful. We first went on a tour of some of Chicago's murals with our tour guide Brenda and one of the Chicago Public Art Group's interns Erin. We were all pretty excited to get to see what some of the cities fellow artists had done on some of the walls and bypasses with tile or spray paint. However, Brenda wasn't as enthusiastic as us. She openly mentioned to us that their company wasn't doing that great, and how art wasn't that great of a field to get into either. Even though the morning was a bit awkward at first, we had a great time hearing the stories of some of the big pieces of art work on some of the city walls and actually being able to see them up close.

The second part of the afternoon was spent at Free Street. We helped them prep for opening day for the play. Mostly we cleaned (mopping, sweeping) and helped them a great deal by hanging up posters. The entire staff and students seemed to really appreciate our work, which in the end was a great feeling. At the end of the day, Ron, one of the head staff leaders at Free Street, talked to us about just "going for it"- the "it" being theatre, or your passion in general. Ron and Brenda (our tour guide for the chicago murals)seemed to have very different perspectives and ideas of the field of art. Brenda's was that it wasn't the greatest of ideas, and Ron's was to go for it, not to let anything or anyone get in your way, and to find a good mentor. The differences definitely left for a good reflection during the day.

The last and final event of the evening was going out for dinner (and music, of course)at the House of Blues. The food was amazing, and the music, fabulous. I'm entirely grateful to have gone on this trip, and yet entirely sad at the same time that tomorrow is our last day in this amazing city. I will definitely bring back a lot of the things and ideas we have learned the week that we have been here.

Goodbye windy city. Hello Hamline.

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