Friday, April 2, 2010

NOLA News Try 2- Maggie

Try 2 because I wrote this once but the computer erased it before it was saved. But on to more important things…

This trip to New Orleans for me has been about the stories. It has also been about the stories of the whole person. Every site that we visit there are stories of the people and places. The people are open to sharing their story to anyone who is willing to listen. And the places you just need to go out of your way to dig a little to find the truth.

One man that we met here in New Orleans said that people's stories are being exploited. That visitors are coming down to New Orleans, hearing the story, leaving, then either forgetting it or using it for their own personal benefit. I am fortunate to have heard so many stories over the times I have been to New Orleans. I am in my senior year at Hamline and I don't want to forget the stories and I want to do something about what I have heard.

So, I guess this is my promise to not forget and to return to New Orleans. I hope that my returning to the city will help to bring back people that have not been able or allowed to return to their home, New Orleans.

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