Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Orleans

Throughout my visit to New Orleans I noticed one really strong element of strength that each of the people that our group met with possessed. It was a sense of courage. Each person we met with had some great transition or change in their life, whether it was a hurricane, a death, or some other challenge. Each of these people took the power and energy of the city to propel them to make change in their own lives and in others. What was truly unique and inspiring about the people we interacted with was their positive attitude. Change is something that each person views as inevitable; however the residents saw this change as a chance to do great things. Through meeting with a community center leader whose family has had strong roots in the community, an ex-Berkley professor who began her life anew, and community group that advocates for its minority citizens' rights, that change in a community comes from a lot of passion and dedication. It was a great experience to work along side each of these strong community leaders to help them get a few steps closer to their goals.
Margaret Crenshaw

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