Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two Days Into Work

So, having experienced the emotional ups and downs of our first full day in New Orleans (a long walk to Magazine Street, a Mardi Gras Indian parade, the Lower Ninth, an evening full of new places), Monday began our first real day of work.

I woke up earlier than everyone else, and showered quickly, so as to save time. While half the group went to pull siding off a house, Matt K. and I set to work. Our job was twofold: to move a classroom to other rooms and move an office to that room, and to work on the tool shed.

I don't think I've worked so intensely in my life, so quickly. First it was books--- then a huge pile of heavy boxes--- then bookshelves--- then *several* fairly huge office desks--- then chairs--- the list goes on. I must have gone up and down those stairs, arms stretching and red lines rising up in anger on the insides of my forearms, something like fifty times. And then, while Martin (our leader) had a meeting, we carried the contents of the utility room out of the utility room, down the path, across the street, around the corner, and into the brand-new tool shed. My rearranger's heart was bliss!! But then it was back to work. I switched doorknobs! (My dad would be so proud.) I can only hope that the work we've been doing makes it easier for everyone at First Street to get things done.

Ah--- off to Voodoo BBQ--- will blog more later. Thanks all for listening to my blabber. April

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