Friday, March 21, 2008

"And to the republic..."

The trip has been emotionally draining. I couldn't help but notice the disparities that exist in the city. We rode in on St. Charles street, where there are houses tha put Summit Avenue in saint paul to shame. I saw the French quarters, where the businesses quickly responded to ensure profitability. I saw homes off lake Pichotarian and off the Gulf of mexico. Then, I compared that to the "real" New orleans.

From my perspective, the "real" New Orleans consist of the inherent underclass in the United States. The ones who create the culture everyone admires but God forbid someone with priviledge to be burdened with its reality. The ones who lost everything and can't get it back because of the systematic discrimination that occurs daily. The ones who live with underresourced K-12 schools yet have some of the nations best colleges right in their cities. The various names for the "same" streets. And, the statues of Confederate heroes who are honored for the contributions to this great nation we live in. These are the things that represent our "democracy" and I am ashame to see this in the wealthiest nation I have to call home.

What's more painful is our political system. I don't understand how so little has been done. I realize that rebuilding takes time but this is ridiculous! Systematically speaking, everyone is suppose to fend for their own. But, how is one suppose to take care of themselves when they have nothing to start with and no one to turn to?

I don't understand, there is no logic in that...

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New Orleans News Ladder said...

Hey Y'all. I didn't know who to respond to so I picked this one in the hope that you all know how much we appreciate your work in New Orleans! Thank you so much.
Your work is as important to the recovery of the whole nation as well as New Orleans.
I hope you can have here fun too.
*Frenchman Street between Decature and Royal.
*Tune to: and wtul
*Go to Sound Cafe in the Marigny at Port and Chartres.
Please come back we love you.

Thanks again,
editor~NO News Ladder