Sunday, March 23, 2008

super powers, life, etc...

It's Sunday evening now; I'm back in Minnesota but I left my mind (and heart) in Louisiana. I've been thinking about all the people (from Hamline and otherwise) that I got to know, about the weather, about the work we did, about everything. But I've been struggling to transform the magnitude of my thoughts into a form that other people can understand. If I could choose to have one super-power, I would want my eyes to be a camera/video camera that is constantly documenting and recording how I perceive the world so that I could present my feelings in the form of a movie or a picture...

But anyway, I had a really powerful experience this past week in New Orleans. I'm fascinated by the concept of unity, and I think it's awesome that everyone got together and made the best his or her time. Although it is hard to tell our friends and family the intricacies of our story  - we can at least communicate how important it was to have had this experience at all.

We are young, young people. But it will not always be that way. Life can change on a dime, and I think all of us have seen that this past week.

I'm not sure when to stop writing because I could type out random thoughts for hours probably...but I know that I want to end by saying thank you to everybody who went on this trip for being so awesome. I don't think a group of people has ever kept me smiling/laughing/thinking as much as you guys did!

thanks, enjoy the time back at home
- Randa S.

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