Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am with UMCOR 2 and we have experienced many different emotions. Through our experiences we have become very close. While gutting houses we have had many laughs and fun. However, we have also found time for conversations, and we have all expressed questions and frusterations we are having. I keep wondering why, 19 months later, it seems like nothing is being done. We went on a tour of the levies today with a Professor from Tulane. He brought us to all the spots where the levy breached and explained to us what had happened. At one point, while riding back to Tulane, he told us about how he had started giving tours a couple of months after Katrina and how interest grew and more and more people wanted to see it. He then said that he was asked whether he would take his j-term class, which talked about natural disaters, on the field trip. His response was that it depended on whether there was still things to see. 19 months after the storm he is still giving tours because there are still things to see because things have not gotten cleaned up. For me, that is one of the most frusterating and discouraging things about Hurricane Katrina.

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Thank you Hamline students for sharing your experiences. Thank you for the tremedously important work you are doing and the compassionate way in which you do it! All of you make me feel very proud to be part of Hamline. You are the very best part of this university! I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts when you return.