Thursday, March 22, 2007


It has taken me awhile to blog because I've been suffering from writers block. I feel like a sponge and I'm thinking in adjectives. However, not even the adjectives fit. This FABULOUS city of New Orleans has brought out feelings in me that I have never felt before, which makes it harder to process and comprehend. My group has been great at pointing out many perspectives of multiplicites on many a subject. Hands On is a wonderful organization and I've had the best experiences here doing many things from painting, gutting, and chaperoning first graders on field trips. Again, it's so much to process, but it is welding together slowly. The city brings questions to my mind and comfort and compassion to my heart. There is hope down here that is only understood if one sees it with their eyes. I had not expected that. So that brings a smile to my face and happy hopeful, joyful tears to my eyes. Unique as an adjective only brushes the surface. I love it down here....the people, the food, the laid back atmosphere and the learning experiences from Hands On!

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