Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chicago Day 5: Jazmin

Today was hard. It was our last day at Little Black Pearl, which I have absolutely fallen in love with (slash hope to find a way to work with this summer?). I think all of us were just starting to make some great connections with the students, and for us to have to leave now, without getting to see the final culmination of all the hard work is heartbreaking (and I hope you'll understand how sincerely I mean that without me having to tell you that I actually shed a few tears on the matter). I just hope beyond hope that we were able to accurately convey to the students how much we really did want to be there for them on the last day.

We've been having great discussions each night and it's exciting to get to hear Katie, Kate, Amelia, Simone, Clara, Lewis, Bre'Elle, and Megan share more of themselves each night. Hearing where others come from and how they're interpreting this experience, as well as being able to share myself, is quite a learning experience. I've been hugely inspired by my fellow group members' inspiration, and definitely gained some new insight, WHICH, excitingly, was one of my goals for this trip. So I'll pat myself on the back and check off that box.

So, in sum, although I'm slightly hoping that by some twist of fate we'll be able to attend the final day of the Little black Pearl program (even if only for a few more hugs), I'm highly enjoying my time and looking forward to what else this trip will bring.

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